Osmani meets with Zef Mazi, Albania’s Chief Negotiator with the EU

14 May 2021

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani today met with Ambassador Zef Mazi, Albania’s Chief Negotiator with the EU, who is paying a visit to the Republic of North Macedonia today.

The meeting presented an excellent opportunity to exchange opinions on the EU accession processes of North Macedonia and Albania with the European Union, the prognoses on the adoption of the negotiating frameworks and the organization of the first intergovernmental conferences with the EU. The interlocutors exchanged opinions on the negotiating structure, as well as the role of the institutions, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the overall process, and the possibility for various forms of cooperation in the form of trainings for strengthening administrative capacities in tackling of the challenges of the role and tasks of the negotiating process.

“The new methodology envisions a stronger political leadership of the negotiating process itself, a greater role of member-states in oversight and the marking of the negotiating process, which gives further importance to the role of our diplomatic network in EU capitals, and responsibility for successful conducting of the negotiations. Key points of communication with the EU institutions are, of course, negotiating countries’ missions to Brussels, and they need to receive a serious diplomatic strengthening; but a special role is given to all other embassies in EU member states, which should create an efficient flow of information regarding the progress of the country, and most importantly, an early-warning system, in order to correctly inform the Government and the negotiating structure itself about the assessment and the direction that come from European capitals”, emphasised Osmani.

Minister Osmani took the opportunity to brief his interlocutor on the status of reform achievements, as well as the current situation with the neighbours. Furthermore, FM Osmani informed about the renewed and increased focus on delivering results in the field of the rule of law and fight against corruption.